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CopySniper doors are closed for updates. HOWEVER... we do have a cool tool that will help you to write better copy:

If Headline Generator Does Not Give You A 300% ROI In 30 Days, I Will Personally Return You TRIPLE Your Money!

Headlines Are Perhaps The Fastest and Easiest Way To Increase Your Conversions. Watch As Headline Generator Does The Hard Work For You - In Seconds...


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Generate proven headlines, email subject lines, or book titles, in just a few clicks (even if you have never created a headline in your life)

Use for as many sales pages, emails or projects as you want (unlike paying a copywriter, get as many as you need, all for a one off low fee)

Can be used for any project, and so simple even a child could create high converting headlines - as good as any professional copywriter

Headlines can make or break a campaign. Period.

Studies show that people will typically read only the headline. And they will only read the rest of your copy because the headline grabs their attention.

That means between most people will never read even the most well written sales page if the headline sucks.

If you sell a product at $47 and your current conversion rate is 3% on your sales page that means you make $141 in sales per 100 visitors. Let's assume you are paying an average of $1 per qualified lead. This means you are making $41 in profit (minus your processing fees).

By increasing your conversions just 1% you are now making $188 in sales per 100 visitors. But your lead costs remain the same. This means you are now making $88 profit. 

That's over double the profit by increasing your conversions from 3% to just 4%.

This is a 33.3% increase in conversions. But is this really realistic just from changing the headlines?

Many headline split tests increase conversions by far more. So yes, a 33.3% increase is very achievable.

Maybe that guarantee is not so crazy after all right?

If you have an existing sales page with an existing traffic flow to that page you are losing money every day by not testing headlines. 

Coming up with new headlines can be tedious work. And coming up with good headlines even more challenging (especially if you have no copywriting training or experience). 

Thankfully our new Headline Generator tool takes care of this challenge for you.

By using headline formulas that have been proven to work again and again it create your headlines for you. 

These are the same headlines that an experienced copywriter may come up with by using their headline swipe-files (their database of headlines they know convert).

The only difference?

You don't have to pay them an outrageous fee, or wait forever for them to get back with you. Plus you will have not just 1 or 2 headlines to test, but dozens.

What is this worth? Well that depends on you really and your products really. 

If you have a small sales page with a low end product then you can still benefit greatly. However if you have a high ticket item or many sales pages, then this could be worth thousand, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

However, so that I can live up to my guarantee (even if you only have a small site) the price has been kept low. Super low. Just $37 to be precise.

300% Bullet Proof Guarantee

I am so confident that you will increase your profits, that I am willing to guarantee a 300% ROI.

Yup, you read that right. If after testing these headlines you do not get a 300% ROI from using this software, then I will personally return you triple your money. 

And to help you I am going to include additional training material that will help you really rock your conversions.

That's right... 

Not only do you get access to the software you will also receive online training that will teach you how to find your unique angle, how to improve your sales pages and how to get your sales pages really cranking for you.

These are the same tips and tricks I personally teach in my high end courses, and that I use with my clients who routinely pay me 5 figures for a single project.

All you need to do is click the big button below to get started today.

See you inside...

Bret Thomson

PS Here is a free tip. Did you know by using curiosity based headlines as bullet points you can increase conversions in your sales page by as much as 200%.

That means you can actually use the headline generator to help create high converting bullet points as well as kick ass headlines.

PPS I teach my students to write out many (at least 20-50) different headlines when trying to come up with a new headline for a sales page. This is well worth the time as the increased conversions from finding the right headline pays many times over.

However it still does take time. Typically at least 1 hour. Now here's a thought...

How much is your time worth to you? Hopefully you value it at more than $37/hour (if not it is time you did!). This means that by creating just 1 headline the software will have already paid for itself.

Don't waste any more time. Click that big orange button below now...


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